Randi and Zach have been waiting for this moment a long, long time...

Hi, there! Brenda here! This maternity session was incredibly dear to my heart because I can 100% understand the feeling of longing for a baby you so desperately want. If you are someone who is waiting for your miracle baby, don't lose hope. Miracles happen!

Brandi and I met Randi through a mutual friend in high school, almost 20 years ago. We were never super close, but we were around her a lot in our mutual-friend group, so we got to know each other fairly well. I remember when she met Zach. She brought him to a church group outing at the fair and I remember thinking how good they were together. Randi, with her infectious laugh and Zach with his sweet demeanor - even when we were just teens, I can recall their amazing chemistry together and love for one another.

We lost touch years ago, but we remained friendly on social media - loosely keeping tabs on each others' lives, as millennials do. She and Zach married and moved to a different city. It wasn't until she started posting the all-to-familiar phrases like, "TTC" and "IVF" that I knew she, too, was struggling to have a baby.

I connected with Randi after I had already had my own rainbow baby via IVF. She shared that she and Zach had been having trouble staying pregnant and that they had unfortunately suffered several miscarriages. They would be moving on to try IVF soon, but she was nervous and scared to get her hopes up after so much loss and heartache.

I was absolutely thrilled when Randi reached out to share with me that their IVF cycled had worked and that she was almost 20 weeks pregnant with their miracle baby. She and Zach were so happy, but still understandably cautiously to share the news. If you have been through the heartache of losing a pregnancy, you know how scary pregnancy after loss can be. I was so hopeful for this baby for them and immediately offered to do their maternity photos for them, whenever they felt the time was right.

Thankfully, Randi has had a healthy pregnancy and is almosttttt ready to give birth to her rainbow baby. The stars and weather aligned for us to meet up and document this long-awaited pregnancy. It was a beautiful, fall day at the UC Davis Arboretum. After 15 years together, Randi and Zach are finally going to meet the baby of their dreams in just a few short days! We are so, incredibly happy for you guys and can't wait to meet baby girl, Kayin. (Kayin means long-awaited child).