Best Photoshoot Locations in Sacramento

In our opinion, there are three main aspects that make up an amazing photoshoot: the lighting, the outfits, and the location. Luckily, we can control the last two! When you book with us, we send over a Style Guide and a Location Guide. Both of these helps you (and us) plan to get the most amazing photos you can cherish forever. Our official location guide is much more extensive but this post will focus on some of our absolute favorite, tried-and-true locations that we know will give you the best possible photos.

-American River Bike Trail at Iron Point Road and Folsom Blvd-

This location is best for neutral, golden tones during the summer and fall months. It's a client (and photog) favorite due to how gorgeous the lighting is. The tall golden grass adds a simple, but beautiful interest to photos.

-UC Davis Arboretum-

One of our very favorites! This location give a moody, woodsy vibe while only being 20 minutes from downtown Sacramento! It's another client favorite due to the vast, extravagant redwoods here!

-Woodland Hills-

Ooof.. do we even need to explain this one? These golden rolling hills speak for themselves. They're simple but stunning and just make the most amazing backdrop for any kind of session! (This location is private property and requires permission and a fee to photograph there!)